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   Open End Catalog
SQ-Spinnmittel02 -F.jpg

Click below to open ASC's Digital Open End Spinning Catalog. Included is information and pictures of parts for all types of open-end spinning machinery.

You can search catalogue using (CTRL + F)

 Ring Spinning Catalog
Top roll pic 2.JPG

Click below to open ASC's Ring Spinning Catalog.Included is information about Bracker Travellers, Novibra Spindles, and other miscellaneous ring spinning parts.

Search using (CTRL + F)

   Complete Parts List
suessen mit katzen rot 35 mm.jpg

Click below to see an up-to-date listing of all the parts offered by American Suessen.

You can search (CTRL + F) using description, ASC part number, nine-digit number, or keyword.

Telephone:  704/588-2365

Fax:  704/588-3945


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